Eminent Domain Practice Group

The Eminent Domain Practice Group at Williams Acosta, PLLC has established an excellent reputation for providing sophisticated, proactive and creative advice and representation in eminent domain matters. Whether consulting on necessity challenges, pre-condemnation filing matters, eminent domain related environmental issues or valuation litigation, Williams Acosta’s attorneys have been at the forefront of some of the most complex and cutting edge eminent domain litigation in the country. Williams Acosta’s attorneys have offered advice, consultation and litigation support to both condemning agencies and property owners for nearly two decades. Williams Acosta approaches eminent domain matters with the creativity, originality, dedication and top-notch advocacy necessary to formulate and pursue effective and successful strategy, support and, if necessary, litigation in eminent domain proceedings. The firm’s lawyers have been involved in some of the largest eminent domain projects in the City of Detroit, including the Detroit/Wayne County Stadium Authority’s Stadia Project, the Waterfront Reclamation and Casino Development Project, Neighborhood Development Corporation Project No. 1 for the City of Detroit, the Jefferson-Conner Industrial Revitalization Project, the Cobo Hall Expansion Project, the Mid-City Rehabilitation Project and the Brush Park South Rehabilitation Project. These projects have involved litigation before various courts and administrative tribunals including the Surface Transportation Board of the United States. Williams Acosta provides a complete range of services in eminent domain matters, including alternative dispute resolution, where appropriate, and litigation, if necessary. Williams Acosta’s attorneys have assumed a leadership role on many eminent domain issues and are well-versed in the appraisal, strategic planning, environmental and litigation issues that impact eminent domain matters.